Planting Thousands of Trees with BABYBNBTIGER! Famous Eco-Blogger Alex4Planet ( Will Plant Trees and Clean Up Rivers in Russia all funded by BabyBNBTiger Crypto Project. They say crypto is for moonboys but we say crypto is worlds leading charity tool. Thanks to blockchain technology you can literally send funds for any cause, at a near instant and no fees!

BabyBNBTiger exists to show the world how it’s done! Just this week we have collaborated with a popular eco-blogger and activist Alex4Planet to plant trees and clean up in Russia

Our Russian advisor Nikolai Melega instagram: live-streamed with Alex on instagram live yesterday. They discussed importance of living an eco-friendly life.

Alex shared his story where an entire Vietnamese city government stood behind him when he went out to clean up the local beach voluntarily. This surprising outcome launched his entire career. We have many more unique charity endeavors in the works right now. The whole world will soon learn!

  • Charity is a sleeping trend, you never know when it wakes up. But what we do know is that we want to be pioneers. So that when the time comes @BabyBNBTiger will stand tall among competition as a coin that started it all.
  • A worlds first movement where you help yourself while helping the others, and our planet.
  • And every time you buy or sell BabyBNBTiger remember this: Life is measured not by duration, but by donation. Invest into charity with BabyBNBTiger.️