BabyBNBTiger Aided Children in Pakistan with Books & Cash.!

There was a neglected government school out in Pakistan where teachers hardly ever showed up. Me, my cousin and my sister set out to help the forgotten children with books and cash.

My cousin and I met the children of the school and distributed books and cash. Normally, children are lively and fun-loving but these kids were really quiet. They were extremely shy when we talked to them; however, there was a glint in their eyes when they saw books and stationery.

It was a beautiful and eye-opening experience for me. Seeing the crestfallen faces of children was a painful sight, a reminder that the world needs a whole lot of kindness, generosity and philanthropy. We met a child, Ashan, who was not wearing a shirt. It was because he had a skin problem that made wearing clothes quite difficult. We were told his parents could only buy a little dose of the ointment, and most of the time they'd go months without it.

  • Other children immediately got their colouring books and started colouring. They asked us if they could keep one of the small Baby BNB Tiger banners, because they liked the baby tiger. We gave them one with the promise that they'd take good care of it and would share it with each other. They promised to do that and got lost in play time.l
  • Initially, I was a little nervous but at the end I felt proud of Baby BNB Tiger that allowed children in Kotli village to have a chance at fun & education..
  • I've already decided that I'll be back there very soon and expand on our efforts.