Two more orphanages funded by BabyBNBTiger! (text is written by Jay Moses and is 100% authentic) Today's journey was indeed another adventure and a story.

While we were searching for the next orphanages to visit,we found the first one and called them but their location was too far that it could take close to 4 hours to get there so we decided to go elsewhere but the owner called us back and pleaded with us that he is ready to bring the children to come see us wherever we are because they really need our help as the children haven't eaten good food for weeks.

It was so touching that we had to send them fuel money and then gave them a location where they can come see us. we got to hear their stories. how some were abandoned and rejected and how some were maltreated and abused. as we were bringing the gifts out from the car,there was so much joy on their faces that it brought tears to our eyes.

The other orphanage we visited also went well. they were just girls. they also shared their story which was similar to the first one. my wife Jennifer was able to have a heart to heart talk with them sharing with them her personal experience growing up so as to inspire and motivate them..

  • All of this is possible because of babybnbtiger. we are always excited to visit the orphanages because each time we hear their stories,we are always grateful and thankful to God. it also made us realize that theres nothing as painful as not having food to eat. children are hungry.
  • If children dont eat,they can be focused. they cant concentrate well at school. they cant be healthy. if we can all come together to overcome hunger,almost 80% of the world problem is solved. that's why we do what we do.
  • so thank you babybnbtiger for this vision and we are honoured to be part of it. - Jay and Jennifer Moses