Two More Nigerian Orphanages Funded by BabyBNBTiger Community!

Yesterday was an amazing adventure. My wife and I got to meet some beautiful souls.

At the first orphanage home, it was just girls so we got to hear their stories. Some of them were abused at young age,some were abandoned at birth. We learned that one of their important sponsor was among the victims that tragically died in a collapsed building.

We also visited the other branch where it was just young guys. There we got to also learn some of their stories. But the beautiful part is,most of them are in the university courtesy of the foundation so my wife and I decided to have a heart to heart talk with them encouraging them to continue taking the right path and never to deviate so they can become better people tomorrow.

  • All I can say is, it was indeed an emotional moment for us,listening to their stories brought tears to our eyes and it made us appreciate life more and to cherish the little things we have. We are so happy visiting the orphanages. Its an honor. Especially doing what you love doing and we would do more. Thank you babybnbtiger and the opportunity!
  • It's because of you we got to meet and help these beautiful people and I know, together we will keep doing more good!
  • - Jay & Jennifer Moses