I love, love, looooove getting on the kid’s level and communicate with them as we were even, just mindlessly having fun and playing a cool lil bro! I can be annoying sometimes, but we’ve had so much fun with Sanur Orphanage in Bali today, kids were genuinely happy and supper intelligent!

At one point some random boy just approached me with a hug and said thanks for everything that we did for his family of orphans today, I was shocked by such behavior. Kids can be so painfully honest at times it just pierces your soul and turns you inside out.

Having fathered 2 daughters and now having a new born daughter by blood I’ve always struggled to be provider, a giver, a superhero but I’ve never even had a thought of giving up. Makes no sense to me anyone ever would abandon a child..

Even god damn cats take care of their kittens, it’s how it’s supposed to be with nature. Guess some people got completely disconnected from it so much so they don’t feel the urge to get actually roll up their sleeves and get shit done for the children that they themselves have brought into this world. That goes out to abandoned pets too!

  • It’s also still beyond me that BABYBNBTIGER has people who actually hate us and me personally. Like what are you, a lizard? Lol
  • Anyway, BABYBNBTIGER exists to balance things out and I can’t wait to share more footage with you guys! This week we will do so much good the industry can’t ignore us anymore.
  • RLet’s make some noise with happy children laugh and doggy barks for this week a lot of lives will be changed thanks to @BabyBNBTiger and it’s holders. Gang.