One of our newcomers, miss Ortega has won in our viral video contest the other week. She could’ve spent the prize money on herself, instead she went to a local orphanage and made a lot of children happy and fed.

The fact that people like Ortega find our project somehow and see the light in it speaks volumes about this project. This project has something that can’t be replicated. It has a heart. As we all strive to become better, to do good, we attract all the right people, resources and connection to make our goals a reality!

And it doesn’t matter if our dreams are shy and grounded or divine and downright impossible, whether we are wishing for a dozen billion dollar market cap or 8 billion people made happy thanks to BabyBNBTiger - greatness comes not to those who wait, but to those who do great by the world.

Embrace your opportunity to be part of this movement, you are incredibly lucky for being here and being a holder (are you? 🧐)

  • Be courageous like a tiger 🐯
  • Dance in the rain like a child 👶
  • Inspire others like Ortega and 🔸CZ 😁
  • BabyBNBTiger will turn this world upside down, screenshot this!