It’s a very special day, and it’s very symbolic to end this week on such a high note, seeing as entire week our precious Babt T has been tirelessly helping orphanages and pet shelters around the world as well as taking part in global scale initiative to plant thousands of trees.

So let’s recap: The journey started on Monday, July 31st when our new admin @ortega522 went to an orphanage that suffered from recent typhoon in Philippines and brought a lot of supplies and food for the children. Dozens and dozens of happy smiles charged this week with positive energy!

On Tuesday, August 1st @horizoniki and @nikostarm went to boy’s orphanage in Sanur, Bali. Over a hundred kgs of rice and other goods as well as tons of love and care were given to the children. We meditated together and reminded each other that we are all a big family despite our differences.

On the same day @ThatSmartGirl took a 2 hour trip to “Catoo” a Cat Rescue Center in Armenia. She brought several bags of wet and dry food as well as toys, vitamins and other goods ensuring cats will be fed and taken care of for a while now!

  • On Wednesday, August 2nd our stars Jay and Jennifer Moses ventured out to not one, but two orphanages in Nigeria, bringing love, care, food and other supplies! They filmed a heartfelt video backed with a brand new Baby Tiger music track!
  • Thursday, August 3rd marked the day our starman @theMioKhan took a trip to an abandoned school in Pakistan. The government chose to forget about those children, but not us! We aided the forgotten school with a lot of books and cash!
  • On Friday, August 4th @ELLAA022 went to doggy shelter in Philippines. We have no idea how not only she survived that trip but brought 60kgs of doggy food as well as vitamins and shampoo with her! Doggies barking happily at a poster of Baby T was a fun sight