Armenian Cat Rescue Center was funded by BabyBNBTiger community. There might be several heroes, including me and the BabyBNBTiger community. But the real hero of this story is a courageous woman Diana. On July 30, I reached out to a cat Rescue Center "Catoo" on Facebook and arranged our visit the next day. The shelter was far from my place, the road was terrible so it took me 2 hours to get there!

A young woman opened the door, it was Diana, the owner of the shelter. She showed me the three sections of the shelter. First was a section for stray cats - 60 cats in a 50 sqm room (that's not even 1 sqm per cat). The second outdoor section was for 10 dogs. The third was for 25-30 disabled, ill and injured cats.

The majority of these pets are hurting, some were hit by cars, some had broken bones, some had amputated limbs. Some have several birth defects and serious illnesses. All of them need special care which Diana is providing all on her own! Drugs and care products are being bought regularly. The charity funds raised by our community was enough to buy all necessary products: dry and wet food (20kg), some vitamins, toys and other care products.

Yep, I would proudly talk about the good work that I did for them with help of BBT for hours. But that wouldn't be fair. Because, the real hero is Diana. Using her own funds and some support sent by other kind people it’s unbelievable how she is managing all that, but she is able to take care of all 85-90 cats and dogs.

  • The world needs more people like Diana!
  • And BabyBNBTiger gives us this opportunity to meet such people, listen to their stories, learn valuable lessons and get inspired to do more good.
  • Remember: Investing in BabyBNBTiger crypto project, you indirectly do charity work somewhere on earth 🌍⚡️